Weathly lesbian dating

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But Lesly, a popular lesbian dating app, has identified this issue on the market and has implemented a new initiative effectively.“We manually verify every member’s profile to make sure that every member on Lesly is female,” says Kristy U., the Customer Service Officer of Lesly, “our team are working 24/7 to make sure our app is the right pink dating platform for lesbian and bisexual women only.

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Enfin, tellement de chose m'intéresse: la psychologie et les relations humaines, la culture, l'éducation, l'actualité et la politique, les phénomènes et les coutrants de société, l'économie, les arts, le sport, la mécanique, le bricolage et la rénovation, le jardinnage, les sorties au resto, les terrasses, les pic-nic, le théâtre, les spectacles, les sushis, les feux de foyer, la musique, la lecture, la pêche etc, etc, etc... A study in contradictions: like socializing but like my solitude, like travelling but like my home, like dining out, but like ordering in.

I don't know that our relationship should blossom in something deeper, but who knows ? I like music, drawing, painting, videogames and reading.

I also like walking and bike riding when I have somewhere to go, especially during the crisp and cool fall evenings. I like animals at some degree (I own a pet rabbit and a bird) but my allergies keep me from owning a dog or cat.

This is something that’s unheard of in other lesbian dating apps on the market.“Our goal is to provide the best lesbian dating experience for lesbian singles looking for love,” says Kristy U., “Lesly is founded by women and designed for women, so we are proud to say that we believe in no man, no worries.”Please note that Lesly is for lesbian and bisexual women above 18.

Men are not allowed to join this app because Lesly says no man, no worries.

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