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One explanation could be that the Whats App timestamp can tell us something without having to contact the person in question.

And, rightly so, because the following week things came to a staggering halt when she discovered that he was — drumroll — cheating on her.

"If you don’t have trust in your relationship both online and offline, then then it’s not a healthy relationship and you should think about calling it quits instead of staring at his or her 'last seen' timestamp," Spira told Mashable.

People aren't just using the timestamp to investigate possible cheating, they're also using it to figure out whether their text messages are being deliberately ignored, or if they're being ghosted. "I've used the Whats App 'last seen' status to check if friends are OK after dangerous events.

I thought about the contents of the messages that had been keeping him awake at night. Each time Whats App confirmed my suspicions, I felt ill.

At the same time, my best friend Ellie was embroiled in a relationship with a guy whose behaviour was arousing her suspicions.

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