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Since then it has more or less overtaken its show of origin in terms of content and popularity.

Hosted by Fraser Agar and co-hosted by Kyle Huinink, Deacon Publicover, Becky Blow and Ben Taylor (who temporarily left the show to attend college but has since returned). Fraser: Bet you didn't know she was this ripped underneath And, yeah.

Bill Zebub: You pretty much got the response I would have expected from this forum concerning your movie proposal.

Although I suspect it was a rhetorical question, in answer to your query I will suggest that no, most forum members are not all that interested in the "psychological aspects" of a bondage-sex-and-torture kidnapping opus.

is an online show centered around five friends who sit on (and behind) a couch and play video games, offering their opinions, cracking jokes, and sometimes just hanging out.

It began in June 2009 as a spin-off of , as a way for the creative team behind that series to release content and stay visible between updates of AVG.

As a group, it seems to me we are pretty much in search of an explicit and extreme product with nudity, torture, and sexual violence.

(Of course, this is coming from a movie watcher who gets completely annoyed at movies about strippers starring actresses with no-nudity contract clauses.

if I could take all the black people in the world, and just, you know, just buy a farm somewhere and, and let them all... That, uh, actually, that didn't really come out right.

May degenerate into Digging Yourself Deeper or Freudian Slippery Slope.

See also Freudian Slip, Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Lampshaded Double Entendre (which this is a subtrope of, specifically one where the same speaker is also doing the lampshading.) Compare Accidental Innuendo, where this isn't intentional on the writer's part.

For example, if a character says something that unintentionally includes Ho Yay in it, then that character often gets Mistaken for Gay as a result.

A related phenomenon is this sequence: Verbal Backspace may be employed to select a more appropriate phrase.

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