Brent smith dating lzzy hale

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Most of the year, the Columbus Crew Stadium is home to grueling soccer matches, but for one weekend, the bright yellow bleachers and temporary-installed turf served as the grounds for a far different match -- old-fashioned rock music against the rest of the growingly digitized industry.As bands from Anthrax to Incubus, Slash to American Idol finalist James Durbin took the stage, numerous frontmen (and a few women) took serious pause on their amplified soapboxes to lay claim that rock was alive and well and inspire a fire in their constituents to keep it that way.Hale's way of dealing with love notes is to rip out hearts, hold the beating life in the palm of her hands, and then stomp them to nothingness. "I'm a bit of a freak," she declared much to the delight of the doe-eyed men in attendance who made her sideshow the main attraction.Theory of a Deadman was up next on the main stage but was DOA in comparison to the Halestorm that swept through before them.Hale is the black stallion of female-fronted rock with a mouth wingspan on par with the toothy Julia Roberts that, when opened, becomes a cannon for her explosive high-pitched growl and breath-holding note endurance reminiscent of the Wilson sisters and Pat Benatar.Dressed in up-to-here hot pants and a white lightning leather jacket, Hale oozes appeal in every manner of the word but no more than her gutsy lyrics that don't browbeat romantic swooning like other dimensionless lady crooners.The Alter Bridge frontman, who had just two chances to appear on Slash's eponymous 2010 solo debut that also featured the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Cornell, earned his keep as the exclusive singer on new album Apocalyptic Love.The calculated move did well to keep Slash's battleship from plunging as Kennedy's vocal range can deftly handle the gear shifts from newer material to the VR/Gn R covers.

Maybe the 90-degree temps were a bit much for the Canadians as the only engines that fired up were on Connolly's motorcycle that he quite literally rode off on, through the Columbus Crew tunnel. and Jagermeister, became a spectacle in itself after mining the lines of people staking the concourse for bathrooms and Bud Light.

Halestorm got the festivities started at the Monster Main Stage on Day One.

The quartet hailing from just outside Philly showed some serious brotherly love as singer Lzzy Hale and drummer Arejay Hale move past any qualms of sibling rivalry to offer a unified front of classically inspired rock 'n' roll.

Sure he taught the impressionable youngsters how to flip off a crowd but that's a life skill that they were bound to learn anyway.

Moody and bandmates Zoltan Bathory, Jason Hook, Chris Kael, and Jeremy Spencer went "Under and Over It" with a solid set that hit hard on "Never Enough" and the band's famed "Bad Company" cover.

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