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If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-800-585-8018.Dianne Herman Ellis is the managing partner at the Ellis Law Firm and practices in the fields of family law and criminal defense.Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies will be processed as usual and you may be able to instantly watch movies on an intermittent basis.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.I need the tissues — it's gonna be kinda tough but today's the day." p.m.: "I would say I've always been confused with my gender identity since I've been this big," Jenner admits.

Dianne understands that a divorce can destroy everything you have spent your life building, and she will work to help you protect your rights and your life's work.Dianne graduated from nursing school in 1991 and has been a Registered Nurse since that time, having practiced for years as an RN before attending law school.Dianne graduated from Tulane University Dianne worked her way through law school as an RN while raising two beautiful and amazing daughters as a single mother.Dianne represents both mothers and fathers in custody disputes and firmly believes that the gender of the parent is, and should be, irrelevant in custody decisions.She supports the rights of both parents to have a strong relationship with a child, and believes that this is best for the child, as well.

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