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She maintains that it damages everyone it touches, even in the tiniest of amounts and for any length of time.I always knew Lara was the last person who should have dabbled in drugs.So, when I hear of the liberal elite, led by Nick Clegg, calling for the legalisation of cannabis because ‘it’s not very harmful’ or ‘everyone’s doing it’, it makes me not just sad, but angry. Not surprisingly, use is way up, including by minors — but so too is cannabis-related crime, homelessness, suicide, hospitalisation and alcoholism.Well I don’t care how embarrassing it is, or how much it nets.Back at university, she never rang us and she even started to live elsewhere.Her little sister Rose, now 13 and by far Lara’s biggest fan, couldn’t work out what was going on.Cannabis is not the cuddly, harmless puff we pretend it is: it wrecks lives, as it wrecked our daughter Lara’s — incidentally, a very talented Cambridge graduate who could have been filling the country’s tax coffers in a much more wholesome way, but has never yet been able to work.While I’ve always believed the drug utterly ruins the lives of an unfortunate small minority — as a vicar’s wife in Fulham, West London, I’ve seen, first-hand, lives destroyed by it — Lara herself goes further.

One evening, I cooked her favourite curry for her and some friends who longed to meet her, but she didn’t bother to turn up.We had just settled her in hospital when the nurse dropped the bombshell: at 16 she was an ‘adult’, and we, her parents, had no rights.Not to take her home, nor to see her notes; not to visit — and certainly not to veto her treatment.Mental illness runs in our family: two of Lara’s cousins, of the same age, have had problems, and the links between schizoprenia, psychosis and cannabis are well-documented.An imaginative and eccentric child, Lara — whom we call Bink — was always quirky.

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