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It is in this city that the sultan resides, and the island in which it is situated is a day's march in size.Most of it is salt marshes and hills of salt, namely the darabi salt; from this they manufacture ornamental vessels and pedestals on which they place lamps.Its present population of about 2,500 people live mainly on the north end of the island on what is sometimes called the Plain of Hormuz. 150, states that Hormuz at the height of its commercial power supported a population of 50,000. The highest elevation is 186 m above the sea level.The island has little arable land and must import its vegetables from the mainland.Camels laden with water were stationed in the public squares.

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They say in their tongue 'khurma va mahi luti padishdni', which means 'dates and fish are a royal dish'. The splendours of Hormuz City are described by Abbe Guillaume Thomas Franois Raynal (1713-1796) quoted by A. 1 on page 14, gives the following account of Hormuz in his history: "Hormuz became the capital of an empire which comprehended a considerable part of Arabia on one side, and Persia on the other.The hills on the island were of rock-salt, from which vases and pedestals for lamps were carved. Abdurazzak, the envoy of Shah Rukh on his way to the Hindu court of Vijayanagar, was in Hormuz in 1442, and speaks of it as a mart which had no equal, frequented by the merchants of all the countries of Asia, among which he enumerates China, Java, Bengal, Tenasserim, Shahr-i-nao (i.e. It is a fine large city, with magnificent bazaars, as it is the port of India and Sind, from which the wares of India are exported to the two Iraqs (that is Eraq-e Arab or present day Iraq, and Eraq-e Ajam or Iraq controlled by Persia.Ajam meaning mute is a derogatory term used by Arabs for Iranians), Fars and Khorasan.People & Language of Hormozgan Historic Places & Cities of Hormozgan Gamroon / Gamrun (Bandar Abbas) Minab Stylish & Provocative Clothing Smoking Water Pipes Old Hormuz Location of Old Hormuz New Hormuz City & Island Nature's Colour Palette - the Soils of Hormuz Iran & Hormuz's connections with the Arabian Peninsula Iran & Yemen Hormuz & Oman Qalhat, Oman Hormuz* Island is also called Jerun**.We have yet to hear a reasonable explanation for the name Jerun though it appears to be the prior name of island. ** Also spelt Gerun, and Jerunand] Hormuz Island lies in the Straits of Hormuz, just southeast of Bandar Abbas and about 5 km. With a diameter of between 7 and 8 km, the island is relatively small in size.

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