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He is the first one Luke was found to be hanging out with. Knight and Luke while they were spotted together in public places a lot around 2005 till the year 2006.Although there is actual information about the actual date about when they started dating. Except that no other stories were received from their side even then the media speculate something cooking between them., we’ve heard mention of Rick, the BF of semi-closeted Drew (Brendan Fehr).

Luke Macfarlane plays Rick and the alum talked to The Backlot about the role, how gay couples in the military handle their relationship, working with Fehr as well as what else he’s been up to. It was just such a wonderful role for me and such a wonderful cast and show, but yes, I would be very happy to do that and hopefully something comes along, I keep hoping for it. Have you seen a change in the last five or ten years since we have out actors like Neil Patrick Harris playing straight roles? LM: That’s right and I think that that’s why I got into acting, you know, to play all kinds of different roles.

I mean, they all wear the same thing, they have the same haircut and a lot of them have the same interests, so to say, ‘I’m this,’ is not necessarily a good thing or they’ve been taught that it’s not a good thing if that makes a little bit of sense. It’s not that anyone’s going to get kicked out, it’s just it takes a certain stepping outside of the fold that’s not always something they want to do. We’ve seen on this show, Drew is very bullish and has a lot of rage that he gets out through his mixed martial arts. I think sometimes you show up on sets and you can just tell that everybody’s a little bit tired.

Do you think Rick kind of balances out that more aggressive side of Drew? I mean, like most couples, he’s sort of the gardener and I think you’re right, I’m sure they balance each other out…I will say this. Everyone was just really, really working hard, and Brendan especially. It’s funny because people know him from , and now it’s like, ‘oh, he grew up to be a hunky guy!

What can you say about working with Brendan and how you guys worked on the relationship between your characters?

'They are no longer dating,' said a source at the time.

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