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White males, because of our asymmetrical society, are the strongest candidates for most women because they have greater access to resources.

Sailer generalizes the observed trends to suggest black men do well while black women do poorly because blacks are, on the whole, seen as being more masculine as a race, regardless of their sex, by the other races, which helps the men but hurts the women.

Two pages from a Koran, which are believed to have been written down by a contemporary of Mohammed himself, have been found in a library in England.

The folios had been in a collection in the University of Birmingham's library for a century, but an expert who looked at them recently decided they should be dated using scientific methods.

In a 2008 article for Newsweek, Christopher Dickey wrote that, "New immigrants are introducing brown into a color map that that has long been dominated by black and white." Will the prevailing conceptualization of beauty thus change? How about the standard of beauty for men move to features, like broad shoulders, full head of hair and brains? :) I read the research at the Ok Cupid blog, and while there are a few interesting tidbits to be found in it, I think it's difficult to draw sweeping conclusions from it alone.

Just consider the current major sources of immigration to the United States: 1. That's something that, well, most of you guys can possess. It is, after all, a non-random sample they're studying.

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