Women only phone chat

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On sunny summer days, the hunks approached the first young woman they saw on a street corner and delivered a standard pick-up line: “Hello. I just wanted to say that I think you’re really pretty.I have to go to work this afternoon, and I was wondering if you would give me your phone number.After analyzing responses from 455 women – only 51 declined the survey – Guéguen noticed a couple of trends.Overall, 8.6% of the women who filled out a survey gave out their phone numbers.But Guéguen worries that a woman’s relationship status will confound such associations, since single women could be less likely to be on birth control.To firm up the results, he is also testing the effect in an environment where men might have a better chance of winning a woman’s heart, or at least her cellphone number “Twenty-year-old women were approached by 20-year-old males in nightclubs and solicited to dance with them during the period when slow songs were played,” Guéguen says.Summer was about calling in sick on Friday because your boss took his kids to the beach a day early.

For men whose chat-up lines aren’t working, it could simply be a case of bad timing.Imagine a Dating App that requires no download and no installation!Meet men and women from all over the world for a truly international dating service experience.I’ll phone you later and we can have a drink together someplace.” If she said yes, “Antoine” responded, “See you soon,” and left. ” Less than a minute after the encounter, a female researcher approached the woman and clued her into the experimental nature of the encounter, asking her to fill out a short survey.Rejections were given a similarly cheery standard response: “Too bad. Questions gauged age, contraception use, days since her last period or pregnancy status – none of which measured her likely dismay at the deception.

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