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I did speak to a couple of folks that fished yesterday..

I heard there were five rigs at the state park yesterday.. I haven't been on the water in a week, and it ain't looking too good for this week either.

Christmas can be a stressful time for many, and my life is certainly not without drama either. So I may shed my tattered coat, And get my ass, Back in my boat.. Two freaking weeks and I have not been on the water.. Evidently these fish are different that the Falcon fish I knew.. If you can find one of these pods of fish, you can get fat in a hurry.. The south end of the lake is still where it is at..

I finally made it back on the lake yesterday for a couple of hours, and we ran into a few fish, but nothing to brag about.. I hope you get to spend some time with family and friends, and I hope your plans include remembering what this day is all about. My Sun, My Sun, Please make me aware, That your balmy presence still exists in my life.. Well he has had a couple more and so has John Adami. From what I hear, the fish are concentrated in some areas, and scattered out in the rest. Good numbers of four to eight pound fish being caught.. And I apologize for no name and weight on this beastie.. Water temps have rebounded a bit to the middle sixties the last two days and under the Veleno bridge it was 65° yesterday . There are very few people in town currently, and I have not spoken to many fishermen.

Apparently, her fourth-grade teacher at Colony Oak Elementary has been working with the kids on their writing skills. The big fish I have been hearing about, are all full of eggs and bellied up. And they are checking out some areas in which to do it.. What is a bit concerning is that water temps went from 73° on Monday, to 63° yesterday.. But these Falcon fish can get a little uppity when the water gets cold.. But I am sure I will have to go check on them when the ice breakers can make it that far south.. Well the bait hardly got wet and about a two pounder had my worm and hauled ass with it. They were too damn little to know exactly what they were. In any case the fishing down here has been pretty damn good this last week. The water is slowly clearing on the top end of the lake, but you need to get past marker ten before you see some green. Believe it or not there were a few brave souls that fished yesterday in the blustery north winds, and reports were a lot better than I would have thought. December 7, 2017: I know I said I would write more often.. This cold wind has probably scattered them to the four winds.. And I chunked a bait (Plum Ol MOnster) at an underwater stump you could just see the top of in about two and a half feet of water. In any case I was back there yesterday and the rocks adjacent to the stump where I caught that fish had a big school of fry hanging out in the shade.. As a matter of fact I don't think you can do this anywhere else in June.. A super fluke on a shakey head or wobble head did real well on the rocks last weekend.

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