Who is dating kobe bryant

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The two of them met after one of Kobe’s ball games and they continued dating for a few months before they decided to go their separate ways.

Kobe was still very young, just 19 and starring on a very visible Lakers team.

Bryant, a five-time champion, has a convincing case as one of the game's best scorers and toughest competitors.

This gene was on display when I have Bryant in the top 10—barely.

When Kobe was 21, he met dancer Vanessa Laine who was then 17.

Kobe was in the same building that she was dancing in and he was trying his hand at music, working on his first album.

Kobe’s parents, sisters, nor any of his teammates attended.

Even though they got engaged quickly, they waited almost another full year before getting married in April of 2001 in a Catholic church in California.Tim Duncan might have lacked Bryant’s magnetic star power, but he won five titles, his defensive impact was greater, his teams won 50 games rain or shine, and he’s managed to remain a productive player at an older age.I have three big hang-ups with Bryant’s all-time ranking.Even so, Vanessa became the first and only woman to become a Kobe Bryant wife.In 2003, the Bryant’s became proud parent of a baby girl named Natalia.

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