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" The paper printed it and he got an "angry letter" from the local priest; it led to "sort of a little mini-controversy" in the town.

At RISD Mac Farlane created a series of independent films, eventually meeting future Family Guy cast member Mike Henry, whose brother Patrick was Mac Farlane's classmate.

As an actor, he has made guest appearances on series, such as Gilmore Girls, The War at Home and Flash Forward.

He created a strip with a character kneeling at the altar taking Communion and asking "Can I have fries with that?She later worked in the College Guidance and Admissions Offices at the Kent School, a selective college preparatory school, where Ronald was a teacher.Four years later, aged nine, Mac Farlane began publishing a weekly comic strip titled "Walter Crouton" for The Kent Good Times Dispatch, the local newspaper in Kent, Connecticut, which paid him five dollars per week.He was one of only a few people hired by the company solely based on writing talent.He described the atmosphere at Hanna-Barbera as resembling an "old-fashioned Hollywood structure, where you move from one show to another or you jump from a writing job on one show to a storyboard job on another".

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