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Facebook’s General Counsel Colin Stretch will speak first from the tech companies. He confirms that Facebook’s investigation is still under way, which means that Facebook may very well still come across more content, accounts or ads tied to Russian sources.For those unfamiliar with Stretch, he has been at Facebook for a long time and is overseeing the company’s entire investigation into Russian meddling. His testimony is also public — you can read it here.“Today, we intend to demonstrate the seriousness of our commitment to addressing this new threat,” Edgett just said.

You can watch the hearings along with us on the Washington Post’s Facebook live below.

pm ET: Last but not least, here is Google’s Richard Salgado. Salgado said that Google’s Jigsaw unit was involved in its internal investigation into Russian meddling.

He, too, is talking about how the amount of content from Russian sources is very small compared to all of Google/You Tube’s content.

All three companies have confirmed that their internal investigations are still ongoing.

pm ET: Facebook’s Stretch is now talking about how these ads from Russian accounts were targeted to users.

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