What are the tax consequences for liquidating a corproation

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Note, however, that the tax rates jump around as income increases.

The corporation can claim any refund for the carryback period by filing Form 1120X, Amended U. Capital losses cannot even be combined with other capital losses from other years.Shareholders who work in the corporation, as is often the case in closely held corporations, are treated as employees of the corporation under tax law — they are not self-employed.A C corporation, or a partnership where at least 1 partner is a C corporation, must use the accrual method of accounting if its average annual gross receipts exceed million for the 3 tax years preceding the current tax year ).Corporation franchise taxes, and the professional help, especially in the form of legal and accounting services, needed to set up and operate the C corporation increases the cost of doing business.Incorporated businesses are 1 incorporated as a C corporation.

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