Intimidating parents

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I think it was just a lack of respect to NFL personnel."Said the AFC executive: "There's a box, a little bitty box, way away from the field.

All the scouts had to stand in that box like a bunch of little kids.

"Here's Tom Coughlin, one of the most respected men in this league, telling him he's out of line, wondering why his [-million] quarterback was put in harm's way. And even before this, the NFL's scrutinizing eyes were already upon him."[Video: Who is the NFL's best team?

You have to understand that the NFL really is a brotherhood – these guys are in the same union, and some of them socialize together, and some end up as teammates down the road."He's been perceived as a bully in the NCAA, and he's still trying to bully. ]" data-reactid="59"[Video: Who is the NFL's best team?

In the AFC personnel executive's words, "To me there is a respect level and a pecking order.

When you're Bill Belichick, you can get away with a lot more than when you're a rookie head coach and haven't earned the right to do things.

There is a rite of passage."The perception that Schiano presumptuously disregarded his status as an NFL newbie by ordering his defenders to go after the kneeling Manning last Sunday – and stood by his insolence in postgame comments to reporters – caused personnel executives around the league to rail against his behavior in private contexts.

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My feeling is that given who was chosen to coach the Bucs, all Tampa scouts should have to stand in a box at every college in America."[More: Power Rankings: NFL's Bay Area teams are light years apart]" data-reactid="39"[More: Power Rankings: NFL's Bay Area teams are light years apart]Rest assured there are many others who share that sentiment.

He needs to back up a little bit, or he's going to have a very hard time in this league over the long haul."In conversations with nearly a dozen NFL general managers, personnel executives, scouts and coaches familiar with Schiano's time at Rutgers, I detected an almost unprecedented degree of resentment and disdain for a man who has yet to coach his third professional game.

They believe his decision to instruct his defenders to blow up the Giants' line and lunge at quarterback Eli Manning in a typically uncontested scenario was indicative of the unapologetic arrogance that made Rutgers a notoriously dreaded stop on most scouts' itineraries during his tenure.

Being friendly, or at least civil, to visiting talent evaluators also is good business: Many area scouts ultimately ascend to positions with the power to hire coaches, or at least to influence the hiring process.

I've spoken to more than one general manager who has told me he would never choose to work with someone who had once treated NFL people as rudely as Schiano did at Rutgers.

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