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Dating sites expect a 37 per cent hike in activity today as staff return to work following the festive fun.But with app users scrolling through 43 profiles each, how can savvy singletons stand out from the ­dating crowd?Not every person you meet is going to be the one for you, so relinquish any and all expectations.After all, first dates are just a time to feel each other out and see if there's even a reason for a second one.NO LAZY COP-OUTS: On your bio, don’t just write “if you want to know about me, ask”.It’s forcing others to do all the conversational work, plus it suggests there’s not much very interesting about you.Experts say grief has five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance.

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Sometimes, you end up with Prince or Princess Charming, but other times, you end up with 80 cats. Wondering where you are in the online dating process?

Here are the five stages you'll inevitably go through (and bounce between) before reaching peak cat-lady status: Everybody has heard dating horror stories from their friends: dates with zero chemistry, forced conversations, awkward moments with the bill, stand-ups, walk-outs, dreaded aftermath of hookups, stage-five clingers or people who showed up looking 20 years older than they looked in their photos.

But when you decide you're ready for online dating, you push their narratives to the side and deem all those horror stories unlucky. So, you select an app from a wide array of lovely, readily available, FREE dating apps (let's face it, nobody pays for these things), set up a profile, answer some questions, cross your fingers and wait for the matching to begin. You're absolutely certain you'll end up meeting somebody, and the sparks will fly.

One day, you actually have a worthwhile, refreshing interaction with somebody on a dating app, so you and your shiny, new positive attitude decide it's time to take the plunge from online conversations to actual, offline dates. Some people are really fortunate in their experiences and only have quality interactions with others. As it turns out, sometimes, printed chemistry doesn't always translate to physical chemistry.

You can't make sparks fly if there's no match to strike.

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