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The most delicious part is that the bachelors can see and learn about the bachelorette through a video greeting card, while she knows nothing about the men trying to woo her – except for their cooking skills, of course!She chooses her Romeo based solely on the meal he makes for her – a truly tasty twist on dating television.

What do you get when you take two eligible bachelors (or bachelorettes), give each a shopping budget, and ask them to plan and cook a romantic meal in hopes of winning over a blind date?Our first choice was Krabi, but when we went to book the flight the day after a drunken evening at Route 66, Air Asia wouldn’t let us.Apparently you need to book flight tickets 4 hours before takeoff (6 hours for Thai Airways) online, so Krabi was out the window.Date Plate challenges two food-savvy contestants to do just that.They work within a budget – and against a clock – each cooking a special meal for a woman they've never met.

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