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The most exciting part of the collection is the 200 pre-code horror comics from just about every publisher in the early 1950s and even a few of the hotter cover copies like Chilling Tales, Weird Mysteries, Weird Tales From the Future and just about every Atlas horror title from those years.

Although he purchased only a small number of superhero comics, he did manage to buy about 8 Joker cover Detective and Batman comics.

The first 200 have returned from CGC in late November and you can see those in the New Arrivals section being uploaded daily.

Although it has become near impossible to find Golden Age collections in today's market, we are constantly acquiring great Golden Age and 1950's comics to stock on our web-site every month, so for those collectors, keep an eye on the new arrivals as we are uploading over 100 new issues each week.

After spending almost 3 weeks on the road driving up the east coast running ahead of a hurricane named Irma, we are pleased to announce a huge selection of Golden to Silver Age comics we've acquired at several locations.

We returned with nearly 1000 comics and many keys (Spidey #1, Fantastic Four #1, JIM #83, Strange Tales #110, B&B #28) and hot issues (Golden Age Joker covers, 100 pre-code horror, Timely teen humor, and much more).

After going off to school at the University of Houston, he married and settled in Texas where he managed to find room for these treasures that he could never part with until now at the age of 80.

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Pretty long runs of Lone Ranger and Tarzan fill the remainder of the collection.

The collection consists of around 1350 comics from the mid 40s to the mid 50s, almost all pre-code.

The seller was the original buyer of every comic from the newsstand in the mid 40s until his senior year in high school.

Stephen and Sharon always enjoy seeing our wwcomics customers.

Please stop by and say hello if you plan to be attending!

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