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These lying-hospitals were establishments where women would come to have their babies delivered, which had prior been unheard of since the midwife normally came to home of the pregnant woman.

This institution provided male-midwives or accoucheurs with an endless number of patients to practice their techniques on and also was a way for these men to demonstrate their knowledge.

The expectant mother would invite close female friends and family members to her home to keep her company.

Skilled midwives managed all aspects of the labour and delivery.

The gestational age can be assessed by evaluating the mean gestational sac diameter (MGD) before week 6, and the crown-rump length after week 6.

Multiple gestation is evaluated by the number of placentae and amniotic sacs present.

The safety of frequent ultrasound scanning has not be confirmed.All these medical advances in obstetrics were a lever for the introduction of men into an arena previously managed and run by women—midwifery.The addition of the male-midwife is historically a significant change to the profession of obstetrics.X-rays and computerized tomography (CT) are not used, especially in the first trimester, due to the ionizing radiation, which has teratogenic effects on the foetus.No effects of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on the foetus have been demonstrated, but this technique is too expensive for routine observation.

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