Did debby ryan dating cole sprouse

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The only reason they didn't is because, like many of the people on that channel, I think they fell for the allure of fame."Just because Disney Channel stars spent their days on set instead of class, doesn't mean they totally missed out on the high school experience and all the drama of being a teen.While Selena is thankful for her Disney Channel childhood starring on , she says it was challenging on some levels too."Everybody that works for the company is so kind and lovely that it really is like a big family and no one's telling anyone to say that." The expectations of being the star of your own show can be just as intense as you'd imagine, especially when you're surrounded by so many other super talented young stars.But Cameron says the Disney Channel family has always been supportive.

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"I think that's what's probably a little wrong with me now," she said.

It literally was like high school." Maybe she's talking about the Disney Channel stars' tendency to date each other constantly?

You might think that being a big star before you're even in high school would make a person super confident.

"They believed always believed in me and I’m so thankful.”While Brenda totally gets the struggles of growing up in the limelight, especially on a stage like the Disney Channel, but she believes none of that matters in the end if you're focused on what's important.“Being an actor is difficult, period.

There are obviously going to be ups and downs and for us child actors, that’s all being somewhat recorded because you essentially grow up on TV," she continued.

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