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[Bullseye cooldown, Grinder regen duration, Grinder stack cooldown, Hostage Taker regen cooldown]( I.jpg) ! Making boosts finally Ballin as shit Want ta add -4 accuracy to a sniper? [The new trackers added by this mod]( KJs4.png) !Expensive false breasts, beautiful dresses and sexy boots and shoes - it all went in those three small bags - her whole life. Please read all of my profile before replying though.BTW, I prefer meeting people who are "just passing through" *LOL* I don't want to bump into you in the street every day! Let's make 2018 a year for getting out, having fun ...

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NOT into fetish stuff at all, like tying me up or flogging me with old bits of cow, tyres or trees. But, I'm even considering becoming a "reverse escort" and paying to suck someone's cock! Lorraine xx xx 04/10/2012 - Time for a long delayed update here.

Suggestions in my box please ;o) xx xx 14/02/2012 - Ooooh!

A lovely Valentine's Day card waiting in my inbox this morning, from a hot admirer near Bristol. I'd maybe like to get to know you better and say Thank You personally maybe?

My thoughts are changing to be a little more open to meeting other T-girls, as I think now I'd appreciate the support and friendship. Health Warning: I am a terrible flirt, so don't be the jealous type!! I am not going to change my previous profile so those interested can appreciate just what a struggle becoming the girl within can be. Love and kisses, Lorraine xx xx xx Update 12/06/08: Ah well, another evening sitting all pretty and dressed and then no visitor. Listen guys, I'd love some company, so I'll make a special offer.

I am still very, very interested in hot admirers though, especially any who can accommodate safely (your own place that means: no wives, kids, girlfriends, mothers, lodgers (unless they are HOT! Update 16th August '10: I am available to meet again from beginning of November - I will be very hot and horny for fun by the time I am able to meet again. but life goes on and maybe it has changed for the better now she is out of the way. but I know if you do ever come back (and you probably will), you will be much, much more badly behaved than ever before. I'll be at home both Sunday and Monday night this week, dressed and ready to please.

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