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Connor Weil plays Mark Mc Nair, another Salem High teen, on April 25 and 27.Sienna Goines begins a stint as Jade's Aunt Simone on May 27, when Jade and Joey visit her commune outside LA.The amalgamation also included portions of the former local service district of Ferry Road-Russellville (Now separated and merged with Lower Newcastle-Russellville) and portions of Chatham Parish, Glenelg Parish and Nelson Parish.Long prior to European settlement, the Miramichi region was home to members of the Mi'kmaq first nation.The Mexican actress, however, is a well-known name in the Latino community.Check out the latest casting news from the NBC soap.

The character has a connection to Summer and shares scenes with Marie Wilson.

For the Mi'kmaq, Beaubears Island, at the junction of the Northwest and Main Southwest branches of the Miramichi River was a natural meeting point.

Following the European discovery of the Americas, the Miramichi became part of the French colony of Acadia.

Eric Satterberg portrays Steve, a lab technician on May 12.

Victoria Scott appears on April 25 and 27 as Victoria Hannath, a student at Salem High.

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