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True, the gay cook only lasted one episode, but he was so negligible anyway—a real fly-by-night with a lazy spatula.

I could also do without the bitchy caterer who snaps at Dorothy (“Well, excuse me for living, Anita Bryant!

“He was gay,” writes Mc Bain, “and the revelation of his affair with Tab Hunter a few years earlier was too much for him to overcome professionally.”.

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It was a dud, and it would have also failed if any of those three had left instead. When the two ladies go along with the ruse, it’s not for any corny, inspirational reason—it’s because if they don’t do it, Rose will lose her job and spend all her time at home, telling boring St. Still, their pseudo lesbianism becomes a little bit touching, and it ends up helping Blanche’s love life when a buffoonish guy wants to lure her away from sapphism by showing what a “real man” is like in the sack!Blanche (Rue Mc Clanahan) is the slutty gay who validates himself via how many men want him and what they’ll do to get him, though deep down he’s just longing to be loved.Rose (Betty White) is the ditsy twink—not dumb, exactly, just endlessly naïve and literal minded, and rather sweet on top of it, especially useful on those occasions when sincerity is called for.The negotiations between the Dodger organization and Dutch Horton, location manager for MGM Studios were started by Dick Walsh, Vice President Stadium Operations and subsequently turned over to Jeane Hoffman to complete.Above, The original Dodger Stadium Parking Lot map shows the area in which the movie 'Spinout' was filmed in March 1966, behind the Right Field Pavilion and near the Union Oil station.

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