Dating for professional women

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Today’s women juggle challenging careers, social obligations, commitments to keep healthy with exhausting exercise regimes, and the need to keep current with continuing education efforts.With schedules over-booked, friends and family often take a back seat to conferences and personal trainers.This fairy tale expectation sets up women for dissatisfaction and unrealistic expectations for our poor princes.We all know that happiness comes from the inside-from our own goals and dreams.Steven Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, recognizes three levels of emotional maturity: dependence, independence and interdependence. And, after all of our efforts to achieve and grow as independent women, now we are mediocre on the emotional maturity scale?Such a statement sends the modern woman into a tail spin, because the Feminist Movement has taught us to have it all… We seem wiser and better prepared for everything we do, yet, divorce is on the rise…Perhaps you are this individual who looks in the mirror and wonders why your mother is still hounding you about when….

Why doesn’t she connect with any of the many suitors that line up at her doorstep?resentment and dissatisfaction with relationships are on the rise.And, if we stop for a second during our busy lives, when the chaos and hubbub settle, we may sadly notice a lack of emotional intimacy in our relationships. Most of my contemporaries are professional women, highly educated—and single or unhappily married.What ever the reason, she sits protected on her island with a concrete wall that protects her from the potential of these vulnerabilities. Do not undervalue it with “you shouldn’t have…” or “we can’t afford this…”Don’t undervalue yourself.And, the Prince sits frustrated and worn out at the shores of the moat, unable to contribute to her happiness despite his efforts. Swindoll said “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” When you emotionally react, you respond with blame, anger, hysterics, and resentment. Put the focus on what you want to achieve and the consequences you want to occur. If you stay calm and in control focused on your goals, you are less likely to have unintended consequences. You work hard and deserve it, OF COURSE he should!!! So, tell him how wonderful he is and how much you appreciate him. but, we have sacrificed true emotional intimacy with our Princes.

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