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Some shifts in attitude in Tahmineh’s community have been more obvious.“My mum still whispers the word divorce, as it’s still seen as a shameful thing, but whereas ten years ago she didn’t know anyone who had divorced, now she knows two divorcees,” she says.Over the past ten years, divorces have tripled in Iran, with one in every five marriages ending – the ratio is even higher in the capital.Since graduating in business studies, Tahmineh has not been able to find a job and she still lives at home with her parents.

It is preoccupied by how and with whom its people are having it.Lawmakers and scholars devote hours to discussing sex, condemning sex and sentencing people for having sex.Mullahs on television and radio philosophise and advise about it, sometimes in surprisingly lascivious detail.Virginity is seen as a marker of decency, of good family stock and morals.In the narrow, twisting clutch of roads where Tahmineh lives, revealing your hair even to an uncle or a male cousin is not acceptable.

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