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Players also have to monitor the panic in various countries; if it gets too high, the country might withdraw their funding from the XCOM project (and if too many leave, it's an automatic Game Over). It added additional soldier customization options, a series of inter-connected Council missions in China with a unique soldier, and earlier access to certain technologies/upgrades. It added new enemy types, maps, items and customization options, the ability to genetically enhance XCOM troopers, a new XCOM unit called the Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit Trooper and a new alien resource called Meld.

It also introduces a new enemy faction: EXALT, a paramilitary group acquiring alien technology to Take Over the World.

When I joined (1975/6) I was responsible for making sure Ford Halewood had enough empty trailers and arranging units to drop and collect, shipping via Felixstowe-Europort Ro Ro.

Then I moved into export loads, then import loads and finally an IBM contract.

Every soldier is equipped with one primary weapon, one pistol (Heavies get a Rocket Launcher instead), and an additional piece of equipment that the player decides (such as a grenade or medikit).

They did indeed go bust.[/u]I used to work at Chris Hudson International in the traffic office.In the year 2015, Earth comes under attack by alien forces.In response, a secretive Council of Nations activates the XCOM project, a Multinational Team tasked with fighting the alien invaders and researching their technology to protect humanity.The player takes the role of the Commander of XCOM, and with the help of various NPC advisors, guides XCOM to victory (or defeat) by managing the whole organization, including base building, research, manufacturing and sending fighters to intercept UFOs.The main focus of the game, however, is on the ground combat, where the player takes control of a small squad of soldiers and fights turn-based battles against the aliens.

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