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Often a DUI charge leads to a suspended driver’s license that brings with it additional cost and ...

NEW TOWN – Despite the frigid Arctic temperatures in the area in the past days, the search for Olivia Lone Bear, a 32-year-old from New Town, goes on.

Hello, youth culture, Sexual Revolution and Twiggy!

Goodbye rubber girdles – the very undergarment that had seemed so liberating to earlier women, when they bid goodbye to the even more-constricting corset.

Men were longing for the comfort and coziness of pantyhose – attributes I’ll admit I missed back in my own more pantyhose-intensive days.

(If men said they longed to see their money disappear down the drain with a single snag, or enjoyed the challenge of trying to walk around in an undergarment that was, upon mid-day reflection, made for someone much, much shorter, that I’d understand. But they really thought of pantyhose as the perfect garment: warmer than socks, less bulky than long-underwear.

He said five searchers were out that day looking for his ...

CAIRO (AP) — At least 10 people, including eight Coptic Christians, were killed in a shootout outside a church and at a nearby store owned by a Christian in a Cairo suburb, Egypt’s Health Ministry said Friday.

It was the latest attack targeting the majority Muslim country’s embattled ...

If you think of pantyhose as a normal part of life for women, you are middle-aged. Yes, while women’s pantyhose sales have been in freefall for about a decade, pantyhose sales to men are heading sky high. Katz comes from a long line of leg men – his great-grandfather started a stocking company in the 1920s.

“Our customers are primarily heterosexual, happily married men that you would never suspect of wearing anything unusual under their trousers,” says Steven Katz, managing partner of Ohio-based Comfilon (as in comfort nylon), the nation’s largest purveyor of male pantyhose.

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