Ipod shuffle play count not updating

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First, one study using Amazon data has shown that many ratings (where the rater isn't required to add any additional information other than the rating they select) show a bimodal distribution.In other words the distribution of ratings tends to cluster around two different numbers (e.g., 1 and 5) rather than offering a normal distribution where the ratings cluster around a single height (e.g., 3).A very powerful feature, Smart Playlists, can dynamically create sophisticated playlists based on ratings.All of this makes rating music on i Tunes very useful.If you use i Tunes with an i Pod, you can change the rating of a song on your i Pod and the change will be reflected in your i Tunes database the next time you sync your i Pod.The "Shuffle Songs" feature available on more modern i Pods has an option to have songs with higher ratings be played more often.They have to meet the following criteria: they make me feel good or excite me no matter how often I listen to them, I can typically listen to them often without getting tired of them, and they are the best of their particular genre.

Items that are rated 4 and 5 are ones that I carry on my i Pod Shuffle.

Thus the median of these ratings is not an accurate reflection of product quality, but instead is a statement of conflicting opinions.

Second, our own study using RPGnet data has shown that many ratings (where the rater does add additional information, in this case a full review) offer normal distributions, however it is biased toward the high end of the scale.

I had far too many songs rated with 4 Stars, and almost nothing rated 1 or 2. So over the last few months I've completely revamped my i Tunes ratings.

Since I can't change the user interface, I've changed my behavior.

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