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Here is the image from, "Playfully grab her love handles." The text predicts that when you grab a woman's "unwanted flab" she "recoils and feels embarrassment." Mission accomplished!And this leads us to one of the problems (among many) that I have with this Top 10 list: It's so mean-spirited.If you spend all your time ranting on feminist websites then you are going to spend your entire life fat and depressed.Get your finger out of your throat of other people's lives.Buy your girlfriend clothes that you know are too small for her, serve her unsatisfactory portions (but go back for seconds yourself when she isn't looking), and trick her into going places where she will need to put on a bathing suit.

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Instead of the old school of thought where men and women excepted what they expected, the "others" feeling largely out of place with pop culture, there has been a sound backlash.

How will we ever communicate what needs to be modernized.

The obvious standardization of the female figure is surely one of them.

(I am sure that you savvy Bitch readers are way ahead of me on that one, though.) Of course, not every suggestion on the list is as abhorrent as the chair advice.

Some, like changing your own eating habits, or encouraging your partner to go to the gym with you, seem perfectly reasonable.

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