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In addition, Haffner covers special issues, including sexual harassment in school, questions that may arise when divorced parents begin to date, and how to evaluate sexuality education outside the home.Accessible and comprehensive, From Diapers to Dating also contains extensive resources for more information, including Web sites, hotlines, health facilities, pertinent organizations, and much more.I wasn't sure what to say when my four-year-old daughter developed an intense fondness for Barbie dolls.I didn't know what to do when Gregory at age three stopped using the bathroom at school.I knew what I wanted to teach my children about sexuality; I knew the messages I wanted to give them; and I thought I had the answers to any questions that might arise.After all, I had conducted workshops for parents on communicating with their children about sexuality for years. Teaching my own children about sexuality is often more difficult than I thought.A leading educator's warm, practical, step-by-step program for helping parents provide accurate information and communicate their own values to their children.

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Every week, I get calls from parents of children who are 12 or 13 and they ask me what they should include in the "Big Talk." The problem is that the Big Talk doesn't work. If your parents gave you the Big Talk, what you may recall is that your mother and father were embarrassed and uncomfortable." Every sexuality educator will tell you that parents are the first—and the mostimportant—sexuality educators of their children.They provide children with their first understandings of gender roles, relationships, and values, and their first sense of self-esteem and caring.Organized from birth through age twelve, her acclaimed book presents a wealth of practical techniques to help parents identify and communicate the appropriate information to give to children of different ages.Each chapter includes: Values exercises: Questions to help parents sort out their own values about sexuality and decide what they want to teach their children.

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