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Our annual Speed dating event takes place on Saturday, January 27th with registration begining at 6 pm.

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Thanks to all the family and friends that joined us in celebration this evening!

The broader Mc Ternan family background: In John O'Hart's first book, "Families in Ireland from the 11th century to the end of the 16th century" he list a Mc Tiernan family from Co Fermanagh and a Lord Mc Tiernan from Co Cavan.

It is now called Croaghan, aka Coolnashinnylying six furlongs northerly of the village of Killeshandra in Co Cavan, three miles from the townland of Ned and about 30 miles from Skeskin.

Sometime before 1622, the family had lost ownership of this property, probably supplanted by Scotsmen in James I's Plantation of Ulster.

The one in Co Fermanagh may have moved or died out.

1712, married c 1733 and died in 1766, ten years before the American Revolution. Bryan Kernan was the scion of the Ulster family Mac Tigearnain of the Brefny.

The seat of the family for many hundreds of years was Cruacan mic Tigearnain where The O'Rourke was inaugurated Prince of the Brefny.

Nonetheless, at the time of his death in that year, the Mac Kernan who was called "Brien bane" [Blond Brien] was still in possession by demise from James Craig who had been granted it by James Auchmuty.

By 1641, however, the family had even lost this possession, for, in that year, John mac Kernan was one of the gentlemen who led the rebels in a siege of Croaghan then occupied by Sir James Hamilton.

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