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After this we really understood how little he cared about the site – so we decided not to support him anymore.

Anyway after weeks of hard work – MSO managed to find a 2 month old copy of the Sc L and then host it on aquirres server.

Additionally, their ‘Sci-Fi month’ theme will kick start today with all science fiction movies indexed on the tracker set on free leech throughout the month.

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But we would like to say that there is an explanation for everything that has happened in the past months.But SScript didn’t have a recent copy of Sc Ls code and DB (His last copy was 8 months old! Yes we know – The owner and coder of Sc L doesn’t have a copy of his own site?As crazy as it sounds – It’s the truth, so now you can understand why we call him a bad owner.In the past 7 months – Sc L’s owner and coder SScript has been really inactive.He has been even less active than he was before, which basically means he has been spending approximately an hour a week on the site.

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