Who is rachel bilson dating now

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That night, they would allegedly steal close to 0,000 in Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton luggage, clothing, and artwork. Get me the fuck out of here,” Neiers said she screamed.

Lee cut a section out of the chain-link fence surrounding the property, Neiers said, and the kids crawled through it.

Charged with seven counts of residential burglary, each bringing a possible sentence of two to six years, Prugo is potentially facing serious time.

In October, he confessed to police without first getting a deal. report, said the reason was that Neiers had been smoking Oxy Contin. “Nick Prugo’s credibility is questionable at best,” says her lawyer, Jeffery Rubenstein.“Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret model, was dating Orlando Bloom, and Rachel [Lee] wanted Victoria’s Secret model clothes,” said Prugo.

Neiers said that Lee and another girl, Diana Tamayo, 19, got out of Lee’s white Audi A4, and the four kids walked uphill to Bloom’s residence, a stark, black mansion.

Neiers didn’t want to go inside, she said, but still she followed.

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