Premiere pro titles not updating Sey chat

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Convert Xto HD - 0012860: [Bug] extra chapters are created in blu-ray structure in trial mode (felicia) - resolved.- 0012857: [Bug] 2 pass conversions stop at 50% (felicia) - resolved.- 0012847: [Bug] Particular Blu-Ray not loading (felicia) - resolved.- 0012836: [Bug] Memory leak when opening cluster (felicia) - resolved.- 0012833: [Bug] Template editor: Disable overridden item edition (felicia) - resolved.- 0012830: [Bug] fails to turn off computer after conversion if option turned on (felicia) - resolved.- 0012744: [Bug] target size not respected converting to blu-ray (felicia) - resolved.- 0012828: [Crash] Crash with multiple simultaneous hardware encoding (felicia) - resolved.- 0012808: [Crash] Program crashes if too many simultaneous conversions are requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012742: [Bug] after changing the Title of the Menu page, the change is not saved when saving a project and reopening it (felicia) - resolved.- 0012799: [Bug] Subtitle offset is not working (felicia) - resolved.- 0012797: [Bug] Program not closing properly when launched through batcher (felicia) - resolved.- 0012791: [Bug] "operation complete" does not play if burning (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto HD - Released March 22nd 2017 ============================================== This new major version includes a new menu template editor.- 0013020: [Bug] Remember skin setting if changed with system menu (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto HD - Released May 17th 2017 ============================================== - 0013003: [Bug] naming of episodes not correct (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto HD - ============================================= - 0012952: [Crash] Program doesn't end if closed while conversion is running (felicia) - resolved.- 0012947: [Feature Request] Use same display in menu settings drop down as in settings treeview (felicia) - resolved.- 0012987: [Bug] menu thumbnails are not always the same size (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto HD - 0012563: [Bug] double clicking on project file does not load files in project (felicia) - resolved.- 0012557: [Crash] app freezes when trying to load Blu ray (felicia) - resolved.- 0012550: [Bug] not correctly identifying of the videos on the disk - being mislabled (felicia) - resolved.- 0012528: [Bug] encoder crash: Pro Res codec (felicia) - resolved.- 0012515: [Bug] some Blu-ray's as ISO don't open (wesson) - resolved.- 0012369: [Bug] conversion is not as smooth as output with particular file (felicia) - resolved.- 0012487: [Bug] cannot change duration of thumbnail in titlemenu to apply to all titlesets (felicia) - resolved.- 0012480: [Bug] wrong number of audio channels sometimes displayed (felicia) - resolved.- 0012471: [Crash] Particular cut in particular file causes program to lock (felicia) - resolved.- 0012474: [Feature Request] Add online registration (wesson) - resolved.- 0013047: [Bug] Menu title not in sync with project name (felicia) - resolved.- 0013055: [Bug] Change the Title menu and save project with a different name - menu title is overwritten by Project file name (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto HD - Released November 06th 2017 ============================================== - 0013352: [Bug] Add missing DLLs for localisation tool (felicia) - 0013349: [Feature Request] Add import option for menu templates (felicia) - 0013347: [Bug] A period appears after the Title (wesson) - 0013340: [Bug] Exception when entring empty chain in menu editor (felicia) - 0013334: [Bug] BD subtitles rendered empty (felicia)Convert Xto HD - Released June 06th 2017 ============================================== - 0013072: [Bug] Subtitles missing from Blu-ray sources (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto HD - ============================================= - 0013049: [Bug] Unable to edit bonus titles typesettings in template editor (felicia) - resolved.

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