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He's similarly nonchalant when the subject of the album's enormous success -- a debut at No.

1 on the Billboard 200 chart and 50.2 million streams during its first week -- comes up. "There's more shit to do, and I've got a lot more to accomplish." Travis wears a shirt by Prada, shirt and socks by Supreme NY, shorts by Raf Simons from David Casavant archives, belt (top) by Gosha Rubchinskiy, belt (bottom) by Prada, and shoes by Adidas from David Casavant archives Though he's only 24, the rapper, born Jacques Webster, has been working hard to achieve this kind of success for years.

"That's what I strive to be." feels like he's on the right track.

From the woozy, psychedelic trip of "sdp interlude" to the grungy dancehall-inspired "guidance" to the slick "first take," the album is dark, intoxicating and idiosyncratic. And the one person he's wanted acceptance from his whole career, Kid Cudi, shows up for him not once but twice (he appears on "through the late night" and "way back").

For much of this period, the two were even rumored to be dating.

, Scott has matured from the promising protégé rubbing shoulders with rap's elite to a full-fledged solo star.

Sometimes people are innocent and blind to the subtle (or not so subtle) suggestive nature of their own Christmas creations!

Though he's expressed frustration at naysayers, at the same time he possesses a willingness to listen to criticism and acknowledge what he hopes to improve.

This low-key vibe continues when Scott and his crew pile into a SUV en route to the airport.

When one of Scott's friend's acts as AUX cord DJ and the rapper's autotune-laden voice thunders through the speakers on "the ends," the opener from his new album, , everyone seems moved by the cinematic intro -- everyone, that is, but Scott, who seems more concerned with rummaging through his backpack in search of enough weed to roll a blunt.

Travi$ Scott, born Jacques Webster, doesn't hold himself to any standards outside of the ones he's set for himself. Still, Scott has contributed to the genre in more ways than one since his ascent to stardom.

Since 2012, the Houston native has experienced a sort of meteoric rise in the hip-hop industry. According to model (and Kanye's ex) Amber Rose, Scott can even claim credit for writing a few bars for his admitted "advisor." Whether he does or not, the 25-year-old has proven that, while clearly influenced by mentors and industry idols like Kid Cudi, he has molded a style of his own.

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