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So when Andre, a salesman, moved to New York City from Jamaica about three years ago, he quickly learned the new meaning of a “date.” “Back home, a date is just going out with someone — watching a movie, hanging out, getting food — and that’s it,” says the 32-year-old Canarsie resident, who declined to give his last name for professional reasons.

“Here, a date is something more intimate or personal.

She met her husband there, in Santiago, where she lived in 2015.

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“More often than not, people are usually set up,” says the 28-year-old medical student.In Paris, people tend to be a little more closed off.Maybe they’re hanging out with friends and not necessarily looking to meet people,” says the Boston native who has lived in NYC.“When [my boyfriend] was interested, he was talking to me every day, not pretending he wasn’t into me,” she says of her now-beau.“In NYC you play this game of, ‘I’m not interested but I’m interested.’” There’s also less of a rigid dating environment there: “In NYC, if you don’t hit it off over a drink, you missed your chance.

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