Who was sergio garcia dating

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"It has been such a long time coming," says Garcia after winning the Championship. I felt the calmest I ever felt in a Major." This came right after he announced his marriage with golf reporter Angela Akins.It seems the support of his future wife was definitely one of the reasons for his calmness and confidence during the tournament.I do think she's good for him.'Angela Akins is no stranger to the pressures of high-level athletics.She was a member of the University of Texas women's golf team.Her father was also an All-American quarterback for the Longhorns' football team. If you believe you're good and you believe you're going to be a winner, you're going to be one.

The golfing world must be familiar with this beautiful face of Angela Akins hosting and reporting news through the Golf Channel.Caption: The couple kissing each other after a cup triumph In a not so surprising fashion, Sergio announced his engagement with Angela Akins on his Twitter and on January 7, 2017. In an interview with Golf Digest, he talked more about his wedding plans including the possibility of him wearing his Green Jacket at his wedding. He posted a picture of the couple together, wine in hand with the caption that revealed that they were getting married this year. "We were just talking about it; this one is a little bit too big. We’ll get to the point when we get there.” says Garcia when faced with the question if he was going to wear the green jacket at his wedding. However, when it comes to the major tournament, it seems even Almighty is conspiring to keep him away from it.The fact that he had to be content with the second place finish in four different occasions of 1999, 2008, 20 makes it even more attractive.

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