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The dog’s owner kicked the fox and was bitten on the leg.

About a half hour before the incident on Coachlight Trail, less than a half mile away, a resident on Garden Road saw a fox attempting to attack her dogs.

California 05/18/11 ocregister.com: by Pat Brennan – West Nile virus season is here — again — with the first crow reported dead from the disease and mosquito-killing programs in full operation.

The virus, transmitted by mosquitoes, can have fatal effects on birds, with crows among the most susceptible.

North Carolina 05/18/11 digtriad.com: by Nick Needham – The North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health in Raleigh has confirmed Alamance County’s fourth rabies case for the year in a fox.

On Sunday, a resident of Coachlight Trail in Burlington was out walking his dog at about approximately a.m., when a fox wandered down the street, came into the driveway, and attacked the family dog.

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For the first time in the history of the Endangered Species Act, wolves in the Northern Rockies in April were removed from the endangered species list by Congressional action rather than scientific review.Federal safeguards were officially lifted from the estimated 1,200 wolves in Idaho and Montana on May 5, the same day Idaho began selling permits for wolf hunts.The two states are seeking to kill hundreds of wolves, mostly through licensed hunting.Gunners killed five wolves before the helicopter was grounded because of costs and because of difficulty targeting radio-collared wolves under the cover of trees.The state has recruited outfitters to kill another 55 wolves in the area.

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