Dating for liberals

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Most liberals, in my experience, are loaded for bear on this question. Broken families seek to reform in the wake of one or more tragedies.“What, you mean just because both parents aren’t present, or both happen to be male, or female, or the family is a mixed one, having been through one or more divorces, or there is no marriage certificate, that it somehow isn’t ‘real’? And common law marriage grew up to recognize the rights of children and spouses in situations where marriages are difficult to obtain or one spouse (or both) persists in refusing to solemnize the relationship.So if you are a disabled transgendered AIDS sufferer of black/native American/Asian ancestry who is also a convert to Islam and owe a huge college loan for your major in feminist whale-watching, which is hard to repay because you are an unemployed homeless drug addict with anger management issues, you are at the very center of the intersectionality diagram, which entitles you to blow up the entire universe without anyone having the nerve to tell you that you may be doing it wrong.Now compare that to your suggestion that these victims work on improving their destiny.So today's Marxists don't rely on the working people as much anymore.Instead, they try to convince as many groups, subgroups, and sub-sub-groups as possible that they are the most oppressed and only the Marxists can help them to get even.It is entirely possible that Obama gave Iran all those billions of dollars so that they also install separate ATMs for transgendered customers because anything else would be discriminatory. Progs also tolerate sexual assault and harassment if it's coming from the warm and diverse cultures.In this video, a self-identified male immigrant is publicly dry-humping a self-identified female London police officer as she holds on to her checkered hat.

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Provide your ideas Progs are fond of changing definitions to suit their ends, usually to a single, one-size-fits-all Party-approved definition--the absence of opposition to socialism.

The multitude of groups intersect, so that's where the hottest buzzword, "intersectionality" comes from.

That is, if you can claim to be a member of as many subgroups as possible, you win the victimhood lottery and are entitled to the biggest revenge over your oppressors (who, incidentally, just happen to run for office against the Marxist candidates).

Conservatives (like me) often are accused of being unfairly censorious in accusing liberals of undermining primary institutions like the family.

After all, the argument goes, we talk about “attacks” on relationships liberals genuinely value.

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