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The elimination diet does work for easily observable Ig E reactions, not for the silent, almost ghostlike, symptom-free Ig G.A brief clinical example may help make the point on covering both the milk and the wheat sensitivity questions with your family or your clients: A 12 yo boy presents with refractory ADHD and moods, just not getting better.After testing hundreds in my offices for both Ig G and Ig E I can report that most, not a few, suffer from significant multiple allergies not easily sorted out with an elimination diet.In that previous post on opiate withdrawal from gluten and casein I addressed the frequency and challenges of going off wheat and milk after recognizing gluten/casein sensitivity.

I was in and out of the store quickly, and I didn’t really look at the label until I was putting the milk in my fridge at home. Fairlife chocolate milk is touting itself as a healthier milk, but it contains both Acesulfame K and Sucralose.With Ig G problems the Brain most often shows the tell-tale first clear cognitive symptoms, not often reviewed in general medical practices.For us the Brain is the Canary in the GI Coal Mine. That likely methane explosion is not detectable without closely observing brain deteriorations.Milk addiction and opiate withdrawal is real if you look for more subtlety.This withdrawal doesn't look like convulsions in on a heroin detox unit, but the symptoms can create significant functional problems.

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