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, acknowledges that stepping back into the dating world can be tough, not only for the single parent, but for the kid, too.

Here, she reveals to how she gets her important alone time with a 'tween in the house, as well as her rules on the tricky and challenging process of dating as a single mom.

The downside for you is that if you don’t meet some random item on her list, she is on to the next.

Something that in real life, she may have easily overlooked had she only had a chance to interact with you.

So he set up two fake Lavalife profiles (when Lavalife was still a thing).

One of a very attractive woman and another of a somewhat unkempt woman with below average looks.

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I always wait at least 3 months...sometimes longer depending on the situation. I also don't tell him I'm going on a date or dating someone until I'm absolutely sure the relationship is going somewhere. Find a community either online or in your town- they can be a real support system. For more advice on navigating the single parent scene, visit our Interview Series: 6 Tips for Dating as a Single Parent » The Community is an advice-sharing network for caregivers.I am a single mother (and only parent) to an 11-year-old boy and we live in a suburb of Boston. On my blog I talk about my life (sometimes in the dating scene), my son, reviews, and share things that I love all while trying to find the humor in it.I have a wonderfully supportive family; without them I would probably be lost.I take advantage of my downtime..when he's at sports practice, I'll read a book.Single parents have to worry about who's going to watch their child in the mornings and get them off to school and watch them after school.

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