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There's not much I can personally do to change the reality that many people in their 20s and 30s don't know what they want, don't know themselves and will jump out the window the second that plane engine makes the slightest cough.

What I can do, however, is try to be more efficient with my time and emotions by presenting the truest version of myself from day one. I want to be the Cool Girl — you know, the hot and understanding one that doesn't mind if you don't ask me any questions for three straight hours.

As soon as they arrived and I put them on, I instantly felt like the best version of myself.

They are basically a tight, stretchy body sock that make me feel thinner and taller by virtue of the dark wash and high-waisted silhouette.

She’s the thoughts that consume you, when you go to bed alone and you hate to admit the real thoughts are You may like this girl, you may even claim to love her, but what you really love are challenges.

We as people sometimes get drawn to what we can’t have.

Following this analogy, I have racked up many frequent flier miles on The Way We Almost Were Airlines, where you always have to pay extra for baggage and no one helps anybody else with his or her oxygen mask.

Havrilesky continues: "You board the plane, all hopeful and excited, with raw, brilliant emotions and desires of your own swirling round inside of you, and the second you make a tiny squeak about what you want, that shit falls out of the sky, straight into the sea." I can verify that this is frequently correct.

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She is the girl who has every eye on her when you walk into a club, and you feel a sense of pride, in knowing she is with you (at least for tonight that is).But if I perform the role of the Cool Girl for several weeks and then said millennial companion flings himself from the cockpit when I finally let slip that I am a community of loosely held organs controlled by impulsive and paranoid hormones, then I've wasted everyone's time. When I dived head first into the dating world a year ago — after being forcefully ejected from a longish relationship — I was at a loss about what to wear on proper first dates.A dress can feel too ladylike; skinny jeans too basic; boyfriend jeans too frumpy; shorts too revealing, etc.In today’s edition of cops behaving badly on social media, the NYPD is cracking down on officers posting pictures of themselves in uniform on dating sites, launching an investigation that could lead to termination, the he believes some of his colleagues are “a bunch of lowlifes using the uniform to get laid.”Social media etiquette often seems common sense, but recent events suggest cops still need to be schooled on what to share–or more importantly, what not to share.It’s apparent from the copselfies Tumblr that the boys (and girls) in blue love taking photos of themselves in uniform, which in itself seems innocuous.

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