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But we can, however recommend another site that deals with scam letters circulating like this where you can add your letter and read the hundreds of other scam letters.

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A: The best way would be to provide information about the scammer to the maximum possible number of special services and facilities in your country and the country of the scammers' residence. I intend to take legal action to recover the money or to, at least, expose her in Romania.How come none of the links for country, UK/Britain/England is not an option?Does that mean that there is a better chance that she is legit or simply nobody has made a report?Q: 2 women have asked me for Internet $$ 2 WOMEN HAVE ASKED ME FOR INTERNET $$ WHICH I KNOW IS A COMMON SCAM.ONE ASKED FOR A MONTH AND ONE ASKED FOR FOR MAYBE 2 MONTHS.

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