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Aired 7- 8p ET • Trump Lawyers Set For Key Meeting With Special Counsel; Trump Sets Up Attacks On FBI Says "We'll See" About Flynn Pardon; Top Dem "Increasingly Worried" GOP Will Shut Down House Investigation On Russia By End Of Month; GOP Reveals Final Tax Bill, Rubio And Corker To Vote "Yes"; Interview with Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana; Omarosa: Trump Admin Has "Lack of Diversity".Aired on 7-8p ET • Blame Game Inside White House After Roy Moore Loss; Doug Jones Says He Got "Gracious" Call From Trump; Omarosa To Leave W.

Aired on 7-8p ET • Source: Trump Knew Flynn Misled FBI, Lied To Pence When He Urged Comey To Drop Probe; New Questions For Flynn's Deputy K. Mc Farland; Prosecutors Want Manafort Bail Deal Pulled After Contact With Russian With Ties To Russian Intelligence. Source: Trump Thought He Would Have Done Better In Polls Had He Continued Obama Birther Conspiracy; Roger Stone's Wiki Leaks Contact Revealed; Source: W. Officials Heard Trump Questioning Authenticity Of Access Hollywood Tape, The Same Tape He Apologized For; Reports: More Women Accuse Matt Lauer Of Sexual Harassment; Trump: GOP Tax Plan "Going to Cost Me a Fortune".

An ACCESS advocate is trained to assist victims of sexual misconduct and can speak with students confidentially as they consider their options.

Any communication with an ACCESS advocate is legally protected under Iowa Code Section 915.20, which allows for confidential communications that cannot be disclosed without the student's permission.

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump, Sessions Deny Knowledge of Russian Contacts; Trump Urges Justice Department To Go After His Political Enemies; No Prison Time for Bergdahl: Trump Slams It As "Total Disgrace"; Zero Evidence U. to Release Remaining Clinton E-mails; WH: Trump's Sexual Harassment Accusers are Lying; Conservative Website Washington Free Beacon Funded Anti-Trump Research That Founded Dossier; NY Times: Russian Lawyer Shared Trump Tower Meeting Talking Points with Kremlin. Aired 7-8p ET • Flake Rips Trump On Senate Floor: "I Will Not Be Complicit"; WH Won't Admit Trump Lied About Senator Corker; Corker Rips Trump: "Absolutely Not" A Role Model; Source: Clinton Campaign Paid for Research Behind Trump Dossier; U. Team in Niger Was Collecting Intel on Terror Leader; Heroin Addicts Shoot Up in "Safe" Bathrooms. Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Threatens To Terminate Iran Nuke Deal "At Any Time"; Trump Kills Obamacare Subsidies That Help Lower-Income Families; Priebus Interviewed by Special Counsels Team In Russia Probe; More Women Come Forward Accusing Weinstein of Abuse; Trump: Loves Puerto Rico, Blames Island for Its Problems Aired 7-8p ET • Source: Chief Of Staff Doing Damage Control To Address Rumors; Trump Signs 50th Executive Order, Slammed Obama For Doing The Same; Facebook COO Won't Reveal Details Of Company's Russia Probe; CNN Exclusive: Russians Even Manipulated Pokemon Go To Try To Meddle In U. Election; Harvey Weinstein Under Investigation By NYPD, London Police; Harvey Weinstein Under Investigation By NYPD, London Police; American Mom & Family Freed By Taliban After Five Years; Trump to Puerto Rico: We Can't Help You "Forever".

Aired on 7-8p ET • LAPD Responds To 911 Call At Home Of Harvey Weinstein's Daughter; Hillary Clinton's First Interview Since Harvey Weinstein News; Trump Says Tax Plan Benefits The Middle Class (Does It?

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