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He is also TCOLE certified in Cruelty investigations, certified in zoonotic disease control with FEMA, and certified in Euthanasia, Basic and Advanced Animal Control through the Texas DSHS.

He has handled several cruelty investigations cases ranging from passive cruelties to hoarding and the aggressive cruelties of torture and confinement.

His areas of expertise are customer service, spay/neuter implementation, facilities and equipment, clinic management, outreach, and training clinic staff.

Beth Gammie has a Master’s in Counseling, and is the Emergency Services Manager for Red Rover, a national animal welfare organization headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Brian Galloway became manager of Animal Humane New Mexico’s foster department in November of 2013, since then guiding the program to an unprecedented live release rate of 94.8%.

Interdepartmental collaboration with the organization’s veterinary staff, and attention to medical care and intervention techniques, has dramatically increased levels of adoption for neonate puppies and kittens.

After becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician in 1993, she became even more interested in behavior, as she strove to understand how to comfort her patients and prevent them from responding aggressively.

She has a passion for shelter dogs and desires to make their stay in a shelter as pleasant and enriching as possible.He has produced many of the leading educational materials on Trap-Neuter-Return, including award-winning books and videos, and is a frequent presenter on feral cat issues. Jennie has been studying animal behavior personally and professionally her entire life.Bryan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University and a J. As a child, showing horses and Shar-peis, she often found herself wondering what they were thinking and trying to predict their next move. Weiss has focused her professional and personal life on improving welfare for animals. Weiss, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, was the Curator of Behavior and Research at the Sedgwick County Zoo.There she developed enrichment and training programs for many different species—from lions and Komodo dragons, to African hunting dogs and giant cassowary birds.

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