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Hartsfield-Jackson is so big/busy that it's actually got some pretty sweet bars and restaurants, all of which are perfect for meeting someone from another state, or maybe even someone from overseas interested in a little "foreign exchange." Anyone who’s been pursued by a Southern woman knows she'll feed you like she's trying to make foie gras from your liver.

You’ll have to lose 50 pounds just to be a reasonable facsimile of your formerly desirable self if you break up and have to hit the meat market again.

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ATL’s nightlife population decreases by half after fall because apparently we’d rather spend the winter with the one we're with (no matter who they are) than look for love when the temperature drops around Halloween.

The airport is one of the two MARTA destinations that it make sense to ride to.

However, from the early 1820s, the prominence of Old Banks as the Government's primary frontier seat of Government, and the 'original' Paterson, waned as a consequence of the establishment (from c.1818) and prolific growth of the Government's rural settlement and township at Wallis Plains (now East Maitland) ten kilometres to the south.

With the construction of an overland route direct to north-western Sydney in 1823, Wallis Plains became the centre of the Lower Hunter Valley's connections with Sydney and the penal settlement at Newcastle.

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