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The exact number is known because the entire beating was captured on a video camera he had set up in his bedroom, above his bed.Chahal eventually pled guilty in 2014 to two misdemeanors after a judge ruled the video inadmissible.

Radium One builds software that automates media buying, making big data actionable for digital marketers.

He started another company, Radium One, but was removed as CEO in 2014 when he was charged with assault.

Prosecutors and police say the 30-minute security video, which was captured inside Chahal’s San Francisco penthouse in 2013, shows him beating and attempting to suffocate his then-girlfriend with a pillow. However, during his 2014 trial, the judge ruled the tape inadmissible after Chahal’s lawyers argued that police seized the footage illegally.

That, plus his girlfriend choosing not to testify against him, paved the way for his reduced plea in the case to misdemeanor domestic violence.

(It's felony level if there's visible signs of abuse on the victim, the San Francisco Police Department tells me.)Sources with knowledge of the situation said that this reason the decision took so long is that it is legally complex, due to Chahal's massive stake in the company that gives him a large amount of control over Radium One. It's not clear if this sets up a legal challenge by Chahal, who has long held sway over the board.

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