Dating women out of my league

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They say you can’t date more than two notches above your own ranking.

If you’re a “6,” you might be able to date a girl who’s an “8” but you can’t date a “10.” When it comes to women, however, their rating scale is not based on appearance alone, so don’t set restrictions on yourself when you’re looking for a date.

These girls are the salt of the Earth, realistic and not so hard to please. They are your mother, your sisters and most of the women you know and love.

They are not out of your league and will willingly accept you.

These are girls who know they are beautiful and know the power that beauty bestows on them.

The good things in life were handed to them on a platter, and they got what they wanted by asking or demanding.

Kirk is an average Joe who works as a TSA agent at the Pittsburgh airport with his friends.While visiting his hometown during Christmas, a man comes face-to-face with his old high school crush whom he was best friends with -- a woman whose rejection of him turned him into a ferocious womanizer.Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah.But you can test the waters quite easily by paying attention to them.If she seems to be flattered by your warm greeting, then you have a shot.

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