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Request Information While we strongly believe in adoptees and their families traveling with a group that offers “community,” we know it isn’t always possible.Should you prefer to travel as an individual family, or with another family you know, we are here to help.For that reason, Next Gen participants are more likely to have previously traveled to Korea, making this a 2nd, 3rd or maybe even a 10th time experience.Participants may decide to arrive early or stay late to connect with people and places related to their adoption. Whoever you decide you would like to travel with, we’ll be inclusive and provide activities they will enjoy.We will be happy to help with hotels, transportation, guides/translators, sightseeing, etc.We can also customize your important adoption related visits. And because we stay on top of the details, you can be focused on your family and the experiences.

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Because you have a common goal to help each other learn while discussing common interests, you are likely to make meaningful friendships. These days I'm trying to learn English especially speaking. Though I'm not a person that speak English fluently. I like swimming, traveling, watching movies and hanging out with friends. I want to talk to my friends from around the world. You will receive information on Korean Ties and Korean Ties Lite when you request information.As many Korean adoptees are adults, we are finding there is a need for a travel program suited to their unique interests.We end with a festive farewell lunch, providing closure to this life changing experience.Request More Information Many of our programs (Korea included) include a Ties Lite option.

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